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 Crimson Casket

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PostSubject: Crimson Casket   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:37 pm

Info Concerning the Craaos Family

*-Unleashed is a form each of the siblings hold, though different degree’s for both it usually involves the person in question giving into their animal instincts. They become much more animal-like in appearance and in actions. The common similarities is a change in eye colour, their body will increase in side one way or another, fur covers their body, face’s become less human, and limbs will adopt a more animalistic form.
**-Any sections marked with two stars are to indicate to the artist referring here for the contest. These sections are solely information to do with how this character was during the demon war, aka the context of the image you are making. Keep in mind that if the information isn’t marked with two stars that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.
***- Creios is an embodiment of chaos energies that resides in all the family members, This embodiment is why the siblings find it hard to get along because they were designed with the instinct to kill beings of chaos such as demons. Commonly for each of Creios tries to command their bodies so that he may corrupt and destroy the world though most of the siblings are able to easily fight back the embodiment the common sibling to fall under his control is Crimson because he will, more likely than the others, run out of magical force to fight him back because there is usually a lack of his base magic. Base magic is the element each sibling controls, this magic must be drawn from the world around them (meaning Reva must be near a body of water, Gareth must be in nature, Airiethena, and Seki/Kise can us almost any time, and Crimson must be near fire). Since sometimes the element is not present of there is not a large enough source this magic is drawn from energies of chaos through their body leaving them more vulnerable to Creios since there is only so much energy that can be drawn.

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The Devil
The Devil

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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:03 am

Name: Crimson Craaos
Nicknames: Crim, Crimson King, Remnant of Chaos, White Shade
Sex: Male
Age: over 3 billion years old (appears approximately 21 years old)
Born: The Tempest of Chaos
Species: Fox Deity [animalistic demigod]
Height: 5'11 (humanoid, standing normally) 3'1 (beast- on all fours)
Weight: 175 lbs (humanoid) 65 lbs (beast)
Hair: Dark Red-Orange, Blood red neat the tips (natural colouring , hair somehow changes the tips to red even when he cuts his hair)-fur as a beast is similar, hair becomes brown with copper highlights when human. Crimson hair is long at the back reaching down to the middle of his back, tied so that it is seems like a ‘tail’. The Rest of his hair is reasonable short parting to the sides. Longer bangs are lose in front.
Eyes: Dark Orange similar to hair (when a Beast Crimson Iris ‘breaks’ and becomes Ice blue; Eyes become fully black besides a narrow slit of pure white of the pupils when Unleashed* {{has three stages from normal to this state of eyes}}; blue eyes when human)

Other Key features: When Crimson isn’t funnelling magic to his enchanted Items (Earrings and Necklace) his body composition is vastly different.
-His body, excluding facial area, is covered in fur a similar to the Reddish-Orange of his hair, but a little lighter; Paws (aka hands and feet) are covered in Pitch Black fur covering about ¾ of his forearmand ½ his shin. [Hidden when channelling magic to the first Earring this fur is unnoticeable]
-Crimson will have almost always have fox ears rather then human ears, these are the same colour as the rest of his fur, excluding the inside obviously, with 1/3 of the ears being covered in black fur: The ear’s size are comparable to the length of his hand when they are pointed. [Hidden when channelling magic to necklace]
-Crimson will have a rather large tail with pattern similar to the rest of his body (red with black tip): The tail is a little longer then his leg. Regular type of fox tail, slowly widens (the fur) to about ¾ then become a point much more drastically. [Hidden by channelling magic to the Ring ((that is hanging on necklace))]
-Anthromorphic legs; legs become almost twice the length (increase his height a fair bit) when he stands flat footed and extends his legs. Normally stands on the pads of his feet with the rest of his heel raised (45 degree from pad to heel). His legs are quite longer then that of a normal human so that when his legs are bent as they are the distance from the ground to his torso is that of an average person where in reality his legs are possible longer then the rest of his body. [Hidden by channelling magic to his second earring
-‘Tattoo’ on his back, between his shoulder blades, that is a mark from a demon, has bleached/marked the fur (can’t be seen when using magic to hid fur). The ‘tattoo’ is the shape of a demons skull, shrouded in white flames.
-Tattoo on his right bicep that is a jumping fox with its paw on a marking of chaos. Fur is silver where this tattoo is, where the tattoo is black when he hides his fur with magic.
-Scar Across his Right eye from just above his right eyebrow to halfway down his cheek. [Never hidden]
-Has retractable claws that are solid claws when not hiding fur, but when hidden the ‘claws’ are disguised simply as nails which when extended become pointed to resemble claws.
Personality: Crimson's personality is usually very joking around most people though not condescending he tend to make light of most situations because he can’t usually be defeated. Though certain situations things will cause him to become very serious and curt. Spends most of his time lazing about away from humans unless he feels the need for a few games or what not, he has a general distaste for humans because of a few incidents in his past. When he meets new people though he always give them a chance, his around beings his mood will reflect their reactions; when someone despises what he is he will be agitated and aggressive, when he is around someone who doesn’t know what he is but tries to be courteous he in turn will return their polite manner. A person he finds amusing however will find him a slight pest because he will follow them until they get boring. On the rare occasions he is around friends he will be a very polite, charming, and caring individual (occasionally has a habit of speaking in old English). When he is in his Animal (unless he chose to show the person) or Human form he is obviously very, very shy because he doesn’t want people to know his weaknesses, and it makes it all the worse when he is in town because he is usually crowded by people because without his animal parts people are able to notice how attractive he is and swarm to him. When Unleashed he can’t really be considered to have a personality because he care of nothing more than tasting blood and destruction of his target. When he is possessed by Creios*** he is totally different then his normal self but he will act like it for a time, until found out then he becomes emotionless, or more likely cynical and insulting; killing and corrupting is his mission and without having to hold back nothing physical could stop him.
**During the war Crimson became very distracted, or distant. He seem to feel pain at being part of this war and always seemed troubled and to be thinking of something.

Physical Appearance:
Normal (possessed)-Slim and muscular with the features explained in the “Other Key features” area. Crimson never wears shoes but will commonly cover his feet in black bandages giving the passerby the impression is some kind of footwear and that he’s not barefoot. He wears simple brown(NYF) cloth pants which have slits down the sides so that when he’s not changing himself with Magic/Enchanted Items they don’t constrict his legs (or get ripped for that matter). He wears a Dark grey almost black tank top(NYF) with a reddish black cloth shirt open from the front and a black bandana around his neck covering a small necklace with a ring strung through it. Wears two earrings on his left ear closer to the base of his fox ears. The only physical difference when crimson is possessed is that there is a very, very hard to see green ring around his pupil.
Normal[Disguised]- When channelling magic to the earrings (He Hardly ever does so to the necklace or ring because it takes absurd amounts of magic) he looks like a normal human except for the Fox ears (where he occasionally ties flat to head with the bandana) and Fox Tail (Hides beneath the open shirt.

Weakened/Regenerative State- in this state crimson resembles his foxy half completely, he looks exactly like a small orange fox with white eyes (Though the Irises are broken up so that the iris and pupil seem to form the chaos symbol).In this form he will still have the scar on his eye (only visable point is the fur is ever so slightly shorter around the eye) and that tattoo on his back(because of the longer and intertwining fur this tattoo is distorted and just makes it seem like he has markings on his back). Also though his cloths disappear, because they have been imbued by the order that created crimson, the ring/necklace and bandana stay (The earrings do not), which sometimes is beneficial because it identifies him as either tame or a 'nice' fox.

Human State-exactly the same as he is normally except he loses al fox-like aspects, but the rest: size, weight, scars, tattoos, cloths, hair style are still the same thought his hair becomes brown and his eye Blue.

Unleashed*- Crimson muscles become much more visible and defined. Overall his body grows; arms and legs lengthen, become even more animal-like even if channelling to magic items. His head and face become’s that of a fox and his tail and ears grow in proportion. He will normally shatter and shred most clothing or armour he is wearing so he looks like a savage beast.

**War: During the war Crimson would wear full plate mail not including a helm and gauntlets or greaves (head, hands, feet). Attached to this armour was a cape that went to his feet. The armour looks firm but still loose around the joints so that he can still easily move.

Additional Information: During the Full moon will normally (by choice) transform into his animal form, in this form he is able to gain energy quickly. Thus when crimson is very injured or tired past the point of exhaustion he will uncontrollably revert to this form.

During an Eclipse Crimson will revert to his Human state. During the time of the eclipse Crimson can’t use magic and for a week after he can’t attain his true form. (After the first day he regains minor control of magic, but very, very weak in comparison)
Additionally Crimson will gain mortality if his three anchors are removed from the world. The three anchors are a human child whom is born with what is know as the ‘soul of fire’ usually become very energetic and attractive persons, this child’s ability will awaken at the age of 2, after that point the anchor is set for 1000 years. The second Anchor is a Fox kit born with their version of the ‘soul of fire’ unlike humans they are just very promiscuous and endowed beasts… These however will only lock in for 10 years after the kit has lived 1 month. The Third and Final Anchor is the true Soul of Fire, A Blood red stone that will ever so slightly change its physical structure over time (wont exceed the area of the pendent but the shape changes) and the ‘reflections’ it give off will seem to dance and if even gives off these reflections if no light touches it. This one locks in as long as the Item exists. The stone, if destroyed, takes 10,000 years to be reformed. Each Anchor, if destroyed, will cause Crimson to become weaker, if the animal Anchor dies (which it usually does due to poor survival rates of some fox species) Crimson loses his immunity to contaminants (poison, liquor, drugs, cat nip) though some he can burn off with focus usually his body naturally is immune to them (except cat nip >.> that always gets him). The Human anchor gives Crimson his godly speed and dexterity (though still abnormally high when Anchor is gone it’s still noticeable to himself). Finally the stone once destroyed lowers Crimson’s ability to control fire. If all three are destroyed then Crimson would become mortal and eventually Succumb to old age thus dying, and unlike a normal death after being killed by something, or killed during an eclipse he can only return after all 3 Anchors have returned and are active at one time. After that the process that rebuilds his body begins (the process takes another 10,000 years)

When Crimson is Unleashed; if he passes fully into that state (there three stages), he will not know whom he is fighting he will merely assault anyone he perceives as a threat, with merciless dedication and brutal strength.
Crimson Has complete control of the Element of Fire.

Finally Crimson will periodically have a mental battle with his Creios*** which normally will just try and break free or free itself. When crimson draws his duel-blades and is forced to use them over extended periods of time it will increases the chance of Creios*** taking over. If Creios*** wins he will control Crimson body until Crimson can wrestle control back in this time Creios*** will normally cause a new epidemic. After freeing himself, Crimson will revert to his fox state for a few days to recover.
As stated if killed Crimson will be revived in 10,000 years. This is because he is bound to the earth’s primal elements and unless, during the 10,000 years where his body is being reborn, Revarania (his sister and counter element of water) is killed will he be permanently gone. In which case he would be reborn and live out what little time he recovered while reviving, additionally the world would crumble and tear it’s self apart unless both his other siblings are killed (earth and wind). If they are to killed then the worlds elements would balance out but lose some its culture, in a manner of speaking.
~note: When any of the siblings are revived in this manner they have no recollection of their prior lives, the memories can be awaked by certain items or books that revive the knowledge~

Weapons: First of all Crimson carries three sets of weapons, two are his primary weapon used at different times of day because of the different properties they exhibit during those times, and the third set is his fallback weapons, he is most skilled with but also have a drawback to them which is why they aren’t used unless he needs to use it.
**Only weapon’s that Crimson had during the war are the Twilight blades.

Sun Sting Blade- crimson’s primary weapon when in the daylight, this unique blade is essentially a small blade connected to a large chain with a small almost Barb like blade at the end. This entire sword from end to end is made of a durable silver like metal that has unworldly properties, such as its ability for the chain and barb to be almost unnoticeable when in use on a bright day or the dull blacked appearance the weapon takes during the night. This blade is commonly used for more of a defence then offence using thousands of years of practice to master the movement of the chain and barb to be as easily controlled as his own tail, he will create a invisible barrier 6 feet in radius around himself to ward off any long ranged assaults or the occasional magic spell, and normally scaring away less advance swordsmen who can’t see nor predict the pattern of the barbs movements. The main blade handle is no more than half a foot long and 2 inches in diameter connecting to a simple cross guard 4 inches long holding the base of the blade which curves out on either side to a point where the blade’s width is 6 inches, approximately 4 inches up, from there it narrows down to a point over 26 inches or 2 feet and 2 inches. The chain is 10 feet long, and is basically a simple linked chain, large enough not to break if chopped by a sword but slender enough that it doesn’t weight Crimson down nor draw attention while not in use. The barb on the end is nothing more then a small 10 inch curved dagger, bladed on one side as well as the point, this small dirk also has four holes in the center of it from the base up large enough so that crimson can grab onto the blade and nt cut himself on the bladed side since it is a hilt-less weapon. When not in use the blade is stored around his waist, the larger blade is sheathed on a small nearly unnoticeable sheath on the upper part of his leg on the left side, the chain is wrapped around his waist 3 times with the chain slacking on the right side so it seems more of a decoration to the cloths then a weapon, each time it passes the right side the chain slacks a little more then the last time so that they are not bunched at one part of the waist, the small barb is sheathed in a tiny scabbard hidden slightly beneath the larger blades sheath.

Moon Crescent Blades- Crimson’s primary Weapon at Night or in other dark areas. Similarly to his day light weapon these Blades are very unique and quite possible the last of their kind. This weapon, though its name suggest two weapons it is in fact one scythe with a blade on either side facing different directions. The blades are curved and approximately a foot and a half long, both top and bottom of each blade are sharpened though commonly only the inner curve of the blade is used to attack. Both blades are connected by a 5 foot metal staff made of the same materials. The scythe can be separated in the middle to form twin sickles 2 and a half foot handles connected by a chain which is also 5 ft long. The abnormality in the steel is that the blades are out of phase during the day and can only be seen at night and if they are not draw only can be seen by those with high spiritual or magical affiliation. When crimson uses them he has a habit to blindfold himself with the bandana he wears around his neck most of the time. Since the blades are only able to be gripped in darker places the techniques trained with this staff don’t rely on sight, quite the opposite the more you try to use your eye the more of a disadvantage you have. When Crimson isn’t using the Scythe the blades a can be folded into the staff handle and strapped to his back with a cloth like metal form of the material (the straps for this weapon can barely ever be seen and only to those with high spiritual energies).

Twilight Twin blades- These are crimson’s weapon of choice, but he rarely uses them because they will degrade the mental barrier holding his other half. These are by far crimson’s most normal looking weapons but in fact hold more supernatural power then the other two combined. These swords are simple in design, the blade is 2 and a half inches wide and 4 feet long, the last 3 inches curve into a point, the blade is sharp on both sides with a 6 and a half inch cross guard fashioned to resemble a foxes open mouth, the hilt is 5 inches long with a rectangular design, the blades will fit perfectly side by side, thus they can be places in the same sheath and drawn at teh same time with one hand, this comes in handy because he can confuse his opponent into thinking he only has one blade and can catch him off guard by separating the two blades. The metal the blades are constructed from is nothing found on this world, created by the same beings that gave life to crimson they are unbreakable and will never dull, the blades are a normal light grey colour but as crimson uses them over an extended time they begin to release a red hue that will soon create an aura around crimson. The swords are sheathed together on a horizontal sheath that is on crimsons lower back, just above his waist, with the hilts facing right.

Weapon History: each of Crimson weapons have a certain history that give a small peek into crimson’s past as well as the weapon’s design it’s self

Sun Sting Blade- the reason this blade has such a weird design and the strange properties is that the weapon wasn’t exactly “crafted” in reality this blade is the spleen of a best from crimson’s past known as the Veriadrix, the larger blade was a metal plate on the front of its head, the chain what its spine and the barb was just that a venomous barb on the tip of the beasts tail. This weapon was crafted as a memory for crimson of the time he fought this beast; the beast was part of the legion that slew his masters and comrades. He brought this trophy back to his home to show the legion that their attack failed only to find every one killed, he decided to craft the trophy into a weapon to kill his adversaries, it didn’t take much work to craft it into more of a weapon but he had spent thousands of years training with the weapon to master controlling the poisonous barb at the tip, that poison, which isn’t as powerful as it once was, has the ability to stun and render them unconscious for a time, if untreated the venom could possibly kill those with weak immunity systems. When he had finally gain enough skill to defeat the legion’s ruler they had disappeared off the face of the earth, not a trace had been found.

Moon Crescent Blades- Crafted by the Demon Hunters Clan far in the past, Crimson Helped them, after they attacked him mistaking him for a demon. He became a famed hunter among there clan known as the Crimson King. He found many friends there and trained with these specially crafted blades so that he would be able to kill the Demon Legion that slain his old family but before he was skilled enough with these special weapons the very same legion destroyed the Hunters Village he had called home, he fought but was soon over powered, they had left him for dead in the ruined cathedral with a gaping wound in his chest, thinking he was merely a normal demon hunter like the rest.

Twilight Blades- Created by the same people who gave life to Crimson. The blades are flawless and indestructible by any known means, these blades have a nasty habit of weakening crimsons mind so the opposite persona is able to break through. The order created 4 other similar weapons and gave them to crimsons 'brothers' and 'sisters'.

Bio: Crimson is a master with many weapons and can wield the element of fire as a weapon wither directly or through his weapons though mainly uses it to entertain other for a few coins here and there since large scale use of the flames would draw unwanted attention. Crimson is normally found just passing the time either alone or pulling jokes here and there, he tends to be draw towards entertainment but at the same time dislikes large groups of people because they will either stare at his ears and tail or worse check if they are real and pull his tail, lucky he has grown accustom so he doesn’t commit crime when it happens.... not too often. On occasions Crimson has been known to have an actually goal sometimes searching for remnants of his past and his memories of early life, information on his lost “brothers” or commonly the legion that had attacked his past home. Crimson also has a habit of finding new usually unique weapons and spending years perfecting the art of that particular weapon only to toss it away after he has mastered it. Because of his lycan-like heritage in the few rare occasions he finds himself with were wolves or other mystic creatures he is often referred to as a wolf which really pisses him off because though they are of the same canine tree fox, like him, rely on intelligence not brute force, and wolves have been commonly used to refer to though whom are a step up from the domesticated dog, which is a total insult to a fox whom have never had that taint of domestication at all in their genetic pool.


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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:03 am

Name: Revarania Craaos
Nicknames: Reva, Ice Queen, Remnant of Chaos
Sex: Female
Age: over 3 billion years old (appears approximately 23 years old)
Born: The Tempest of Chaos
Species: Cat Deity [animalistic demigod]
Height: 5'9 (humanoid) 1’9 (beast-on all fours)
Weight: 120 lbs (humanoid) 24 lbs (beast)
Hair: Silver hair with hints of blue, hangs free behind her going almost to her waist. Two long stands fall down in front just past her breasts on either side, in front of where her human ears are (in addition allow her to ‘camouflage’ her by making her ears look like part of these strands)
Eyes: Deep Blue (Orange with narrow pupils when a beast or *unleashed, grey eyes when human)
Other Key features: always has cat ears and tail (Ear’s folded to just seem like hair, tail wrapped around her waist under her dress)
Personality: Reva is very sweet and kind yet hold an air of grace about her. She is the kind of women who can attract any man. Even if she were to crash a man’s dreams she could do it in a way that he would get the message but not feel hurt by it. She is able to wrap other people’s emotions around her and play with them like a ball of yarn and afterwards they are none the wiser. She is very determined when she is after something almost becoming a new person to those who ‘know’ her. Even when forced into combat (by her brother since no man would raise a hand against her normally) she is always calm and seems to enjoy the battle, she will dance around her opponent frustrating them till they become clumsy. The only time that she would break this usual composure is if she is forced to talk with Crimson in a populated place, she would be very irritable being so close to her brother.
**During the war of the Demon’s Reva is always hyper and seems to enjoy herself, she would dance around the battle field leaving a slew of bodies behind her. She would be ecstatic, always happy with the thought of fighting. Somehow she also seemed to enjoy the company of her siblings, even Crimson.

Weapons: Unlike her counterpart Crimson, Reva only has one weapon and rarely uses it. Commonly she will dance around her opponent using their opening and faulty movements to turn their energy against themselves. Occasionally she had been known to use the Twilight Shiv to assassinate a person she needed to; when she did she could strike without notice and walk away before the cut even bleed.

Twilight Shiv- The weapon’s total length is only slightly longer then Reva’s forearm. It is designed so that the handle/hilt is part of the blade itself. On either end of the blade is a shape tip that curves smoothly into the body of the blade which extends almost the length of Reva’s hand (out stretched); beginning at the top and bottom of the handle/hilt (meaning that the blade is that length at those part, but still has a curve connecting the two which moves out a little further).

Weapon History: The Shiv was given to her the same time the other siblings got their Twilight weapons. They were created to help control the power of chaos within them but because of her aquatic nature she doesn’t need the control the same as her siblings do. None the less she always has it on hand, by means of a magical invisible mist around her. When condensed it forms this blade.

Physical Appearance:
Normal- She holds next to no physical signs she is part cat besides the ears and tail. Her body is curvy but yet at the same time thin, everything on her body seems perfect proportion. Normally she has been known to wear a Navy blue Chinese dress (cut at the top of the shoulder), the pattern of the dress varies day to day depending on how she feels.

Weakened/Regenerative State- When critically wounded or in need of energy Reva will revert to a small silver Egyptian Mau, with black markings.

Human State-Almost Identical to her normal state but it looks like she has a little less hair around her ears.

Unleashed*- When Reva is Unleashed her she become almost half her normal weight. Her face becomes more feline and she is covered in silvery fur similar to her hair. Her ear’s increase in size and become erect at all times, her tail lengthens to about the length of her body. Her arms increase by half and her legs almost double, but both remain thin and become more animal. (‘hind legs’ will become bent and similar to animal anatomy)

**War: During the War, Reva could be identified on the battle field by her flowing clothing. She wore a skimpy amount of cloth but what she did wear was always baggy with designs that would seem to flow while she danced around fighting her enemies.

Bio: Reva throughout the age’s has always craved attention and praise so it is no wonder she has passed her life being surrounded in the most busiest of cities which ever it was in that era. She especially held a high favour of the time when she was worshiped as a god by the small tribes unfortunately those times are gone so she is a little more human in how people view her. Though still the center of attention.


Additional Information:
During time when Reva is critically injured or tired past the point of exhaustion she will uncontrollably revert to her beast form.
During an eclipse Reva will revert to her Human state, even losing her immortal powers but regains the magic once the Eclipse is over. However she will remain human for nearly a week after the eclipse.
Reva like her opposite Crimson is able to shift into her Unleashed* form but unlike Crimson her mentality stays as it was in her normal state.

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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:03 am

Nickname: Serr
Sex: Female
Age: 29 (appears 21)
Species: Human (mage)
Ht: 5'2 ft
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: ginger heair, very wavy to the base of her neck
Eyes: Green
Weapons: none other then the power to melt your face off with a fireball tehn reattach it with an frost bolt....oh and the power of arcane magic (mainly portals)
History:Serrias is very normal, she perky hyper avtive and sweet with a little bit of seduction here ans there. she is beautiful and well kept for her age but that has to do with the treatment she is able to aquire- like most mages from her tiem she can teleport from placce to place in the blink of an eye but also has the ability to move from different time periods unfortunatly this inate ability also bared her from her own time since she was not allowed to return to that time because of the knowledge she had and anytime she commits a action that has an effect on time she will not be able to return to that time nor to anypoint past that.
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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:03 am

Name:Keltic Emeraldsong
Nickname: Kelt, Kit
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Species: Dark Elf (druid)
Ht: 6'2 ft (normally)
Weight: 187 lbs (normally)
Hair: he has short cut hair that is very spiky and normally covered in debrie from the forsts, his hair is a rich chestnut colour he has two very long bangs of hait that cover his face on either side that are dyed blackto hide is abnormal ear from more judgemental races
Eyes: Amber
Weapons: Aside from his claws and teeth in his various forms he can also cast a few spell to manipulate nature around himself. also a dagger decorates his left shin and a shortsword approximatly the length of his arm dangles from a decorated scabard on his right hip.
Personality: Keltic Personallity if greatly affected with what form he was just in.
Raven-After being the Raven, which is quite common keltic's personality is veru calm and knowledgable and he will be drawn to find more knowledge
Panther-After the Panther Keltic atually becomes very affectionate and...human in his emotions- becomes very caring compassionate and friendly...unfortunatly this is short lived
Wolf-The Wolf causes keltic to become very loyal and chiverous as well as crave company or on the rare occasion shut everyone else out and become a 'lone wolf'
Bear- This is by far the worse, Keltic becomes irritable, loud, obnoxious, and very hot-headed quick to anger ands even quicker to fight
Seal-The Seal makes Keltic very playful and hyper and somewhat annoying

Physical Apperance:Keltic is rather handsome but hi skin is very dark almost a greyish blue, a trait he aquired from his dark elf heritage. He normally wears a leather tunic and leather leggings down to his knees, a simplee brown with flowing fabric around the waist as to cover his oranated scabard.

History: Kelic history is very plain, he as born into a druid society and advanced quickly in his knowledge then decided to adventure into the common world however he has found that there are many evil and confusing things out there in a few unpleasant situations

Other: Keltic being a druid is able to command forcest of nature though a number of spell and has teh ability to change into animals at will though they tend to have a backlash effect on his personality. Keltic isn't much of a fight unless need be unles bes influecnced by the bear other wise hes usually quite opposed to groups of people.

Spell to come later'
physical appearance of each form to come later (though they are kinda easy to imagin)
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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:04 am

Nickname: Ren,Blood Mother
Sex: Female
Preferance: Unknown (read history to understand)
Age: 646(appears 24)
Born: Born free after the fall of the Necromancer Meru'Dalkan, in the fallen Cyrpts of Dalkama.
Species: Blood Knight (read Other section for clarification)
Ht: 5' 3" ft
Weight: 103 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Right-Green/Left-Red
Weapons: Large Broad Sword etched with runes

Other: Blood Knights are cousins of vampires, They were created by the necromancer Meru to server as his elite guard, and eventually his citizens. They share the inhuman qualities of a vampire but they, unlike vampires, can age normally and reproduce. They also share the weaknesses of vampire's, but only a mild weakness to light. Blood Knight's feed on blood similar to how normal vampires though slightly different. Blood Knight are driven by war, when their swords classes with anothers sword or body they absorb approximatly 1% of their opponents total blood mass. Therefore in a battle between two blood knights they could sustain one another so humans would become obsolete as a food source.

History: Ren was the last Blood Knight to be born before the Necromancer was vanquished, before his defeat he managed to seal himself away in 6 runic mark which he placed on Ren. She manaed to escape the massacer of the Crypts of Dalkama and now wanders in a remote forest slaying any man folish enough to come near her. She wanders around a pentagonal enclosure that is part of a five-pointed star, each point has an enemy which is the immortal link keeping the seal on Ren and unable to be broken. Each Seal trap one aspect of Ren but gives her another ability. She waits in the depths of her mind for somemone to break the seals and free her. If the Seal's arn't released in 666 years then the necromancer will be ressurected ushering in a reign of darkness.

The Six Seals:
Name: Curse of The Sword
Location: In a paragonal area in the center of all the Seal keepers (formed by imaginry lines from each point.)
Advantage: Ren is Immortal as long as this seal is active.
Disadvantage: Ren is a mindless fighting machine untill the seal is released
Guardian: Renverina
How to Break: Disarm Ren in a fight (not as easy as it sounds).

Name: Curse of Blood
Location: The Cathedral of the Lost, north of the land Ren roams.
Advantage: Ren dosn't suffer from her hunger for blood.
Disadvantage: Will occasionally lose conciousness (Dosn't lose conciously if her mind is still sealed by The Sword)
Guardian: Dallith(Vampire)
How to Break: After Slaying Dallith, Ren must drink someone's blood which is freely given.

Name: Curse of The Unholy
Location: Rigal Swamp, East-SouthEast of Ren's land.
Advantage: Remove's any trace of fear from Ren mind (Dosn't effect if she is still sealed by The Sword)
Disadvantage: Remove's remourse and increases how easily she becomes angry.
Guardian: Heigan The Unclean (Necromance Shadow/Ghost)
How to Break: After killing Heigan Ren must be Blessed with Holy Water (sound easy... except for the whole holy water can kill Blood knights if too much were used)

Name: Curse of Undeath
Location: Cyrpts of Dalkama, West-SouthWest of Ren's land.
Advantage: Can regenerate body completly when destroyed.
Disadvantage: Body won't change, and is slow to heal smaller wounds.
Guardian: Gulth the Constuctor (Undead Cerburus/Stitched together Cerburus)
How to Break: After Slaying Gulth, Bury Ren's sword with her Ancestors.

Name: Curse of The Moon
Location: The Stone Circle, East of Ren's land.
Advantage: Increases Ren's Strength and Sword Skill
Disadvantage: Gets easily irritable.
Guardian: Kenith (Werewolf)
How to Break: After Killing Kenith, Ren must look at the next full moon.

Name: Curse of Frost
Location:The Labyrinth of Death, West of Ren's land.
Advantage: Eternal Life.
Disadvantage: Emotions are diminished. (Bring icy vein's to a new level)
Guardian: The Fifth Horseman (The last and unheard of the Horsemen of the apocoalpse, he will freeze over the world once every living race is removed from the earth.)
How to Break: A Sign of affection. (Yes Love )
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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:39 pm

Name: Darius “Loki” Faren
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Social class: Bastard Child
Position in story: Leader or Group runt
Job(class skill): Blade dancer/ Berserker
Unique Quality: During certain circumstances become enraged and bloodthirsty
Personality: Darius is a nice child and polite, he’s always doing good things but due to his mother’s conception and never knowing his father rumours were started. He was seen as a Bastard Child and only looked down upon. He hates what they think about him, but he would never do anything since they still take care of his mother (and in turn him, not that they want to). He wants to find a way to prove to people his good intentions.
Tidbit: Darius’ village is one that is close nit; the village will only allow you to marry someone from the village because their heritage is that of a special blood. Any who were to marry other would be forced to leave. To keep their village strong they see fit that women must bear 3 children in their time. Darius’ conception was not with one form the village, normally resulting in the boy having to leave to marry anyone (they are strict but not cruel). But his mother did not know how the boy was conceived and due to the lore young Darius has been given the nickname of Loki.

Name: Terricia
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Social class: only child of the ex-lord
Position in story: Leader or side character
Job(class skill): Ranger/Healer
Personality: She has a good sense of what’s right, and what best for those around her from her father. Though she gets a little agitated when she is disregarded in her village because she is female. She tend to space out a lot because she’s use to doing things alone, she also doesn’t accept help easily.
Tidbit: Terricia village is kind to their ex-ruler and his daughter because his position was taken by one whose heir could assume the throne. They was no forceful take over but since his wife had died during child birth he step done because laws prohibited a king form having the throne with no heir. Essentially this village view on women isn’t the best that what prompts Terricia to leave.

Name: Colbey Golda
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Social class: Veteran warrior, elder
Position in story: Side Character or Escort
Job(class skill): Swords Master
Unique Quality: Said to have blood of a god and a wizard, but discarded as a myth.
Personality: Colbey is rather confident in his abilities but never will he underestimate an opponent without good proof. Being an elder of his community he is use to helping those who need guidance, despite his hate for being away from the battle field.
Tidbit: Colbey, though young to most of the world is almost considered an elder in his clan, they are born looking very young, yet the blood of warriors run in their veins. They are trained form the moment they can hold a sword, at age of 10 they will be brought to war or raids. Most will die at the age of 20-25 (women too are warriors but they bear children at young age which are normally take char of den mothers).

Name: Rache Renshai
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Social class: young blood, average citezen
Position in story: Side character or Group Runt
Job(class skill): Swordsman (skilled)
Unique Quality: -none-
Personality: Rache is a very talented warrior even by their clan’s standards, therefore he’s rather confident and eager for battle.
Tidbit: eager young warrior from Colbeys clan.

Name: Garn “The Beast”
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Social class: Slave, Gladiator
Position in story: Leader or Side Character
Job(class skill): Brawler/ Berserker
Unique Quality:-none-
Personality: Nice at heart but lets his rage get the better of him, his natural strength and physic make him very intimidating.
Tidbit: His father was too a gladiator in the arena, but after Garn was born he begged the lord of the town to let his son be a free man. The lord did so until young Garn killed a boy in a burst of rage. From that point he was condemned to the arena.

Name: Mitrian Sagura
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Social class: Daughter of the lord
Position in story: Side Character
Job(class skill): Sword Dancer, Strategist
Unique Quality: -none-
Personality: She is very kind and warm hearted. The kind of women most men would fall for. Though she is a little rough around the edged every since she convinced a nearby warrior tribe to train her in the way of the sword.
Tidbit: She was the daughter of the lord whom imprisoned Garn. Apparently the boy Garn killed had done something to her that seemed innocent to most but not to Garn.

Name: Allerum Larson
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Social class: Unknown wanderer
Position in story: Leader or Side character
Job(class skill): Marksman (sort of), Swordsman
Unique Quality: Has visions of a strange world frequently, will commonly refer to things that don’t exist (in that time). Also has memories form a past life.
Personality: Average, he nice but has his greedy and mean streaks. He does what he needs to though he not sure of his ultimate goal. Usually very sarcastic though because of the time most people don’t get him.
Tidbit: He has a magical sword which holds a god trapped inside which is able to communicate with him because he has no barrier in his mind to prevent intruders. Which is uncommon... very very uncommon in these times.

Name: Silem Leara
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Social class: High ranked sorceress
Position in story: Side character
Job(class skill): Sorceress
Unique Quality: Has memories from a past life.
Personality: She is rather blunt and snobbish, just because she doesn’t want other people involved with her. In reality she nice though still will try to stay distant with people.
Tidbit: She is half elf, though doesn’t look it unlike her brother whom is trying to kill her along with just about anyone. That’s about the only thing she remembers of her past.

Name: Taziar “Shadow Climber” Makezi
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Social class: Theif
Position in story: Side Character or group runt
Job(class skill): Theif
Unique Quality: Small for his age and can climb like a monkey. Has memories form a past life.
Personality: Kind and docile but will fight back if provoked, he is more of a behind the curtain character. Hating person to person confrontation, he steals for a living but he would never kill someone the very idea sickens him.
Tidbit: He doesn’t remember his past but he feels he lost someone very precious to him much too soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Casket   Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:02 pm

Name:Vincent Αiuanotic
Nickname: Vin, Edge
Sex: Male
Preferance: Gay
Age: 18
Species: Human
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair: Jet black, short chopped, messy
Eyes: Deep Blue
Species: Human
Appearance: small in size, but very muscular from training at such a young age. But usually hides under loose robes unless on a mission; where he wears black leggings with a black shirt cut off at the sleeves that also has a mask attached that just covers his nose when used. He always wears a leather glove that extends to his elbow and the finger are cut off and on the back of the hand is a thicker layer of leather. Undeneath the gloves his arms are marked with a huge number of scars. His right eye is always covered by a cloth almost all the time except on rare occasions and only at night.
Personality: Normally Vincent is very quiet, passive, and timid, easily over looked and pushed around. He is kind and considerate of people around him and because of this he is normally used and abused. But when he puts on his Assassin mask he becomes much different, his personality flips
Weapons: Thin blade concealed in both gloves, by the palm. Blade in either boot, extending from the heel. Several small daggers and throwing knives.
History: At the age of 3 his parents were killed shortly after moving to a new town, just what killed them was unknown to Vincent. He was then set into care of the hospital for 2 years while he recovered from a rare sickness that ultimatly effect his sight in his left eye. His left eye became very sensitive to light and if exposed to light his vision would slowly fade, to repair his sight he needed to keep the eye covered for three days for every minute it was exposed to natural light. Ironically because of the state of this eye he has perfect night vision with his left eye. No matter how dark he is still able to see with his left eye. After he left the hospital he was put into care of a family friend of his mother. This womenlived with her seven sisters all of which dispised men. for the next 4 years he was worked tirelessly and poorly taken care of dispite his condition. On his 9th birthday His caretakers were all killed by a small group from the Crows, an organization that runs the surrounding country unofficially. They were going to kill young Vincent as well but one of the members saw potential in him and brought him to The Leader. The Leader trained him to be an enforcer, a special group in the Crows that killed anyone that crossed The Leader. Vincent served him loyaly because even though the training was harsh, The Leader was more a caregiver then any of the privious people in his life, that he could remeber. To date Vincent lives his life as a normal citezen unless called upon by The Leader.
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Name: Derdran Ravencrest
Nickname: Shadow Hunter D or just D
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Age: 32 appearance (circumstances has extended his lifespan)
Species: Human
Ht: 6’ 4”
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair: Short, spiky and pitch black
Eyes: Green
Appearance: Black jeans with a black shirt cut off at the shoulders. Right arm is covered completely in wrappings. Wears a bandana around his head.
Personality: Derdran is rather simple, he is nice to those he thinks deserve it, and rude to those who don’t. Normally around people he acts like a jerk since he doesn’t like to make friendships with people whom he knows he will outlive. Needless to say he is not on best terms with demons or the like due to his history with Krazic. Random quirk of his is, he get rather tongue tied and rather clumsy around demons with cute animal features such as cat ear and tails ect. The reason this is he is unsure but he treats it as his alkalis heel.

History: Derdran was a normal human; he trained in many martial arts in his youth. He had never been bested in a fight, granted in his wisdom he avoided fight he couldn’t win. He made a living as a bouncer or body guard as he traveled town to town. At the age of 32 he ran into a blood crazed brawler, considering it a civil act he fought and defeated the ravage fighter through a great deal of effort , more then he thought would be needed. Soon he found the reason to the man’s strength, and his berserk. A parasitic demon named Kraziccarriosioxsis, referred to as Krazic inhabited the man and upon seeing Derdran’s natural strength besting his puppets decided to make Derdran his new vessel.
Upon being infested by the Demon Derdran ran from the Village fearing he would to become like the man he just defeated. He hid away in a remote cave fighting the demon for dominance of his body.
For decades the two beings fought for dominance in that little cave; because of the demons influence Derdran no longer aged nor had the use for many human needs. Eventually the Krazic and Derdran came to an agreement: He would countinue to keep him alive and would not attempt to forcefully take over his body, even agreed to save him in case his vassal became lethally injured, in return Derdran would supply sustenance to the demon through fighting, and draining the force from his enemy.
Thus Derdran continued his life where he left off an eternal voyage to feed Krazic and to keep order where he can.

Info on parasite: Krazic is by far one of the oldest demons in existence though he lacks the sheer strength and power his predecessors have he has survived many hardships. Currently he can be noticed only by the large spiraling tattoo that spans from the back of Derdrans right and to the base of his shoulder. Aside from this mark no human, or demon can tell that he is there unless they physically see the mark.
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Quick History

Ghosts epitomize the height of human evolution and physical conditioning. Born with incredible psionic potential, these individuals are recruited and quarantined for government training from childhood. Ghosts channel their psionic energies to augment their natural physical strength and endurance. This process is enhanced by specialized skin-suits worn by ghosts that are laced with a form of psi-sensitive artificial muscle fiber. Thus, a typical ghost is tougher, stronger, and faster than even a well-trained but otherwise average human.

Exceptional ghosts exist that can tear through walls, run at remarkable speeds, and leap tall obstacles. Rumours of long-range telepathy, telekinesis, and even mind control or other exotic powers have all added to the reputation of ghosts cultivated by their masters.
As a precautionary measure, neural inhibitors are surgically implanted in all ghosts to prevent such deadly individuals from going rogue. The effectiveness of this measure is questionable, however, for there are whispered tales of ghosts working outside governmental authority. Most infamously the current leader of the Zerg Swarm, Sarah Kerrigan, was originally a ghost loyal to Arcturus Mengsk prior to her capture and infestation with the Zerg hyper evolutionary virus.
Keir Genrian was the son of two retired ghosts, and a close friend of Sarah Kerrigan prior to her joining the son of Korhal, he too believe in their cause but decided to stay with the Confederation to act as a mole. After witnessing the betrayal of his good friend by Arcturus Mengsk he was first to join Jim Raynor in the creation of Raynor’s Raiders. He would conduct his missions on outer fringe worlds as his main role is command of Yggdrasil, the lead ship of a small platoon of star ships; a Trailblazer is a titan-class ship similar to battle cruisers but they are designed to act as mobile worlds, so on top of bio domes they were designed much larger and with stronger armour and heavier weapons, not necessarily useful in combat because of its sluggish design.

Name: Keir Genrian
Nickname: Keir, Admiral, Key, K ,Phantom
Gender: male
Orientation: Unknown
Species: Terren
Age: 37
Hair: brown, short chopped
Eyes: Dark Violet
Appearance: Hard to describe but a lot similar to solid snake:

Profession: Lead Ghost (aka Phantom) aboard the flag ship of the Raynor’s Raiders Homeships; The Yggdrasil. He is in charge of many covert missions for Raynor’s raiders or missions on the outer fringe worlds.
Personality: very laid back personality, very friendly but still keeps priorities straight and a cool head. Has always gotten his mission done though whatever means necessary.
Extra Information: Though he will always read at least once a day no one is quite sure what type of literature he reads
His skin is laced with a membrane that allows him to adjust his body temperature to whatever he feels using his Psionic power, also can reduce intake of particle through the skin (eg Germ, viruses, sun, and radiation.)
As with most Ghosts he has powerful psionic abilities, though he uniquely, can cause Zerg whom are separated from the Zerg neural network to develop a mind of their own.
Has a pet Zergling from using this talent.
Usually come up with a different name for him every time he calls him since he can’t decide on a name.
Really enjoys old school motorcycles so he has a custom made Viking class ship designed like one for land transportation

Mission Cloths:
The mandated ghost suite which allows for a personal cloak and enhanced physical skills. His suit comes with a weak force field which was backwards engineered from some protoss tech whipped up for him. The suit protects him from radiation from Tactical Nukes.

Ghost Visor: His visor is like many other ghosts head wear. Provide a personal zoom (up to 3 times zoom), nullifies effect of flash round so that he can still see. Thermal setting, night vision setting, built in recording devices. Of course headset/mic communication device also included.

All weapon images:

Primary weapon: Whirlwind VC-9, 7.62x39 mm rounds:
Five shot clip with easy reload and cartridge switch. Lack of special munitions feed. Effective range 1,300-1,600 m. Low –frequency laser pinpoint target sight. Recoil dampener, flash and noise suppression. Duel zoom x3 and x6

Secondary weapon: Phoenix 74 Ashen, 5.7x28 mm rounds:
Clip loads of 7 shots with spare feed for special munitions. Quick finger switch to high impact move doubling the penetration of bullets or in the case of flash round cause instantaneous flash from barrel of gun. Attached Blade conduit capable of a low frequency phase bade similar to the kind used by the protoss (Acquired as a token of gratitude for assistance).

Headhunting weapon: C-18 Javelin Sniper Rifle, 7.62x54 mm rounds:
High-powered and long range rounds. Silenced single shot rifle. Effective range up to 3400 m. Equipped with an under slung low-frequency laser to pinpoint target sight. Triple zoom: x3, x6, x12. Flash and bullet silencer, with zero recoil. Collapsible.

Hunting knife: It’s a hunting knife he always has strapped to his left boot... with some protoss phase blade currents on it.
Civilian Cloths:
(minus weapons.... except the knife)
EMP Rounds: aka Elector-magnetic Pulse; knocks out all electronic systems within a 50 foot radius. Normal human technology would be out for 40-50 minutes. Against alien technologies only lasts 3-5 minutes maybe more depending.
SIN Rounds: aka Synthetic-Infected Neutralizer; primarily developed for use again Zerg. Biological virus which will sever the Zergs link to the over mind. Making them go wild or become too susceptible to Ghosts psionic ability, allowing temporal control. Effect on other beings usually results in a mild high and reduction of motor functions.
Hellfire Rounds: When container of the chemical compound breaks upon target a large flame will ensue and burn out unless it ignites a fuel source (ie. Wood, paper, flesh ect.)
Blast Rounds : Essentially a grenade in the form of a bullet. The bullet is surrounded in a thick metal except at the point which collapses in upon impact and triggers a small explosion. The thick metal exterior acts as shrapnel for additional damage to nearby targets.
Flash Rounds: Flash rounds, used for blinding enemies. The canisters will detonate from the force of fire after a few seconds or upon impact.
TNT Rounds : aka Tactical Nuke Tracers, Fires a small tracer dart the will be targeted by a tactical nuke from either his ship, or a planet bound TN silo. Takes 5 second sight link with the rifle till the command is received by nearby launch point. Additional 20 seconds till nuke lands, average range of tactical nuke being 2500 m. An additional 1500m radius is likely to be affected being affected by nuclear emissions.

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The Revee Sisters

Name: Monica Revee
Age: appears about 27 years old (700ish)
Species: Vampire
Sex: Female
Ht: 5’9”
Eyes: Blood red if they have not eaten. Normal colour Blue
Appearance/Hair: (An example of a formal event where normally she wears less form fitting cloths. First picture girl to the right)
Bio: Monica the oldest of the three sisters has always been looking out for them, by far the strongest of the three she is usually telling the others what not to do and they usually listen. She has a soft spot for children and doesn’t like to feed so she never attacks families.
Unique Traits: unlike most vampires her body temperature is normal, additionally she is very attuned to the temperature around her, meaning that he bodies temperature will be equal to that around her almost instantly. She could touch a cold or hot surface and her body would reflect that temperature.

Name: Katarina Revee
Age: appears about 23 years old (700ish)
Species: Vampire
Sex: Female
Ht: 5’6”
She is pretty much identical to Paine except lighter more silver hair... and no sword though she has tried (hair is naturally dirty blond)
Eyes: Red when hungry, normally just a dulled red
Bio: She is quite unsociable and aggressive though knows better than to draw attention to herself with her unnatural strength. She has a grudge against men; she commonly feeds off those whom try to pick her up in bar, nightclubs or on the street (mistaking her for a hooker). Though she doesn’t mind too much, makes it easier for her dinner. She is also the fastest of the three sisters.
Unique Traits: Serena’s hair and nails still grow and she still has most human needs, suggesting that her biology still works (though not fully tested). The hair thing annoys her because she always has to dye it and the monthly problem.

Name: Serena Revee
Age: appears about 17 years old (700ish)
Species: Vampire
Sex: Female
Ht: 4’8”
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Green
Bio: Serena is the youngest of the sisters, she even after living for a long while still is rather sweet, innocent and childish. She hates fighting and hurting other, ironically she is by far the strongest of the sister in terms of combat ability.
Unique Traits: Most importantly she doesn’t suffer from hunger any other vampire does. It is a given she COULD eat and possible be at full strength but she refuses. Never the less she is the strongest fighter because of her second unique trait she is somehow the master of counter offence. No matter how an aggressor attacks her or even enters her personal space she will dodge, evade and counter said enemy. Simply put someone attacks and somehow they are on the ground. This could be taken as training and such if not for the fact it happens if weather she is conscious of the enemy or not, meaning if someone she didn’t see, smell, hear, or sense in some way she will still counter them.

Combined History: They were changed as they celebrated their parents anniversary when there was a terrible fire, in the carnage their parents were killed. A Vampire named Cregar happened by at this time and dragged them from the burning building. Katarina had been half crushed beneath a supporting pillar, Monica suffered from severe burns and Serena was unconscious from smoke inhalation. Cregar decided to save these three sisters whether it was an act of repentance giving these children a second chance, a hope for more of his kind to live with, or meanly out of boredom no one knows. For the next week they were changed and healed, after they awoke to their new lives Cregar showed them how to control their instincts and survive without causing panic. After a few decades of living with them Cregar and the Revee Sisters went separate ways.

For the next few hundred years the Revee sisters lived without drawing attention to them avoiding both vampires and humans unless needed. One day as they were heading across the sea to a new home they were noticed on the ship by a pair of Veran; Kenlet and Conan, A special breed of Vampire hunters whom upon recognizing they were vampire tried to kill them. They fought back and ended up destroying the boat and the crew aboard. Both parties survived and ended up in the same city unbeknownst to each other. The next year young Conan meet one of the sisters alone and they began to get to know each other, Conan looked different then when he was hunting so Serena didn’t realize who he was but he knew her. For the next couple years Conan, Kenley and the Revee sister’s got to know each other as though they were normal humans while the ‘organization’ set up a net around the city so they could trap the dangerous sister’s. Conan and Kenley got to know how the sisters were actually really good people despite their circumstance but knew they would be forced to kill them, Conan asked to complete this task alone, swearing he would kill himself afterwards for committing this sin. He did fight them full force and they fled not being able to fight whole heartedly nor successfully against Conan who was pushing the line of safety. After being trapped at the edge of the net, when Conan saw someone on the net about to kill one of the sisters’s something snapped in him and he killed the men positioned on that area. He left himself at a point of no return pushing himself beyond his limits which would have resulted in his death. The sister’s cared for Conan and even if they were betrayed he did end up saving them so they saved him by ‘attempting’ to turn him into one of them, something didn’t work and they ended up losing track of him. Now they search for Conan while evading the organization and Kenley whom is now a Rouge agent bent on hunting them.
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Name: Kenley
Age: Appears 30 (actually 215 years old)
Species: Veran S-Type*
Sex: Male
Ht: 6’5”
Weight: 300lbs
Hair: black, Dark green when ‘synthesised’
Eyes: Ash grey, Dark Green when ‘synthesised’
Appearance: (guy on the left... Or right or anywhere only guy >.>)
Bio: Kenley is your basic kind giant, even though his outer appearance is rather scary he is a nice person. He has trained many years and is one of the top hunters in the organization or was until he went rouge hunting for his ex-protégé and those who made him turn.
History: Kenley was born in a time when there was no training for his kind they were sent to battle with vampires and werewolves with no knowledge or training, he is the only Veran who has lived more than 100 years of age and has seen much for his kind.
He decided to take on an apprentice and teach him skills that he learned so that he could make a stronger warrior. Thus he took Conan under his wing and trained him for many years.

Name: Conan
Age: Appears 19 (actually only 12 years old)
Species: Veran A-Type*
Sex: Male
Ht: 5’1”
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: Dirty blond, Dark Red when ‘synthesised’
Eyes: dull blue, Blood Red when ‘synthesised’
Bio: Conan is a superior fighter and has a indomitable sense of justice, doing what he feels is right, after spending time with vampires, beings he thought were pure evil
History: Conan though young was chosen to be the apprentice of the legendary Kenley because of his advanced skills, he freely choose to travel with him for 8 years hunting vampire, werewolves, and the likes. Where they were at one point they traveled east across the sea and crossed with the Revee sisters. **Read the Revee sisters history for the rest**
Currently he wanders aimlessly avoiding fights with those whom are after him.

Veran species: The Veran species was created by an organization who wished to have warriors to fight vampires and werewolves and other beings on equal ground, but also a way to restrict them from becoming a threat on their own. Veran are created by a Veran mating with a human, vampire, werewolf, even speculation that an animal could be used at a genetic parent... though none are willing to test. In the beginning Veran were made by injecting a serum into a pregnant female that was a combination of werewolf and vampire DNA which ultimately killed the mother.
Veran come in 4 types these are; A-Type, M-Type, S-Type, and X-Type. Each has key traits and development patterns separate from others.
X-Type/Exempt Type: Very uncommon type of breed, where the Human DNA was dominant over the vampire and werewolf genes. X-Types lack the combat capabilities of the either types but have a unique trait of healers, whether it is genetic or some type of magic they are able to heal all Veran kind. Also they have immunity to all vampire abilities as well as wolf bites so they cannot be transformed, additional they blood is rather poisonous if drunken. They are commonly used as scouts or backline medics.

S-Type/Strength Types: fairly Common type of Veran where the Genes of the werewolf dominate the others, they will grow to the size of a full grown human within 3 years, and their stature is usually larger than the average human. They focus on strength and serve as the front line warriors in a fight. They have advance regeneration and though skin so it is hard for much weaponry to penetrate their skin when synthesised.

M-Types/ Mind Types: second most common type of Veran though nowhere near as dominant as the S-Types but still common, they are types that are dominated by the Vampire gene, they lack the physical strength of the other types but are usually much quicker and are able to assess the battle in a way unheard of by the other types so they use skill to surpass their enemies. They develops very slowly physically but their minds advance faster than the rest, until the age of 50 when their bodies reach maturity they become strategists and learn many martial arts. They usually become a council of what decisions should be made about a certain circumstance.
A-Types/Assassin Types: Very Rare type of Veran where both the werewolf gene and vampire genes equally contribute to the infant’s creation. They have both the speed and strength of M-types and S-types. Their body matures in 2 years but is usually a small thin frame similar to a teenager. Their minds are as developed as an M-Type. They have the regeneration and analytical ability of both Types as well. Assassin types are the beast for mission where a target is needed to be hit and quickly need to get out since they are able to remove synthesis on command or prolong it as needed (this has negative effects however).
All Types are undetectable as anything other than human unless synthesised, synthesis is the act where the Veran will ingest a table which conceals the blood of a vampire, werewolf, or even a wolf. This reverts them to a primal state where their natural DNA is awakened, there are 5 stages to this due the dosage of the pills, the 5th and final stage is never to be used.
First stage: Hair and Eye change colour and natural physical strengths are heightened.
Second stage: Pupils narrow, fangs extend, nails harden, muscles become more rigid and senses are heightened.
Third stage: Ears become pointed, feet and leg bones shift and grow forcing them to stand on the pads of their feet with the legs slightly bent, senses and physical abilities are again heightened, nails extend and harden again creating claws.
Fourth stage: Ears shift a little face becomes more like a muzzle, large fangs, larger claws, arms and legs will stretch, all senses and physically abilities increase to twice what they previously were.
Fifth and Final stage: Become more resembling to a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid, the pill will no longer dissolve so they cannot revert by waiting. Their mind slowly degrades from the counter essence of the werewolf and vampire. Body grows stronger as time passes. Eventually they become mindless rampaging beasts which can become very difficult to stop.
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Crimson Casket
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