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 Dimitri Alvalek

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PostSubject: Dimitri Alvalek   Dimitri Alvalek I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 10:02 pm

Here's a character profile for Alvalek

Given name: Dimitri Alvalek
Known as: Dima, Alvalek and Dimitri
Age: 17
Race: Human

Appearance: Dimitri is slim and nondescript. He looks like any young man his age. Toned, lean and tall, Dimitri isn't unattractive. He has dark, medium length hair and a well-structured face. He has light blue eyes and pale, olive toned skin. Wearing generic clothing of someone of no distinct profession in the lower class, Dimitri blends well with any peasant crowd.

Early background: Being the son of reviled a wiseman and soothsayer, Dimitri was introduced at a very young age to the arts of herbalism and divination. To his father's jealousy, Dima's mother was more adept in the arts of divination. Having an innate ability to foresee upsetting events and opportunities by simply casting cards or stones, Dima's mother was well respected by all around. With his father's unmatched skills in medicine making and herblore and his mother's divine intuition, Dimitri was taught how to do far more then others of his own age.
As he matured, Dimitri's talents evolved beyond both his parents. With the practical understanding the natural world and the spiritual skills of his mother, Dima developed a very particular brand of magic. Though weak and difficult to control compared to the various arcane magics, Dima continues to take incredible steps into the many unexplored facets of magic as a whole.

Current day: Finally having reached the age of maturity for his people, Dimitri has decided to voyage from his home to find a new place to settle. Skilled enough to hunt his own food and make his own clothes, his voyages take him in many different directions as he wanders the world.

Abilities: As his talents are still very premature, Dimitri's magic is very limited. As far as he knows, there has never been anyone quite like him. Because of this, there is no one to teach him to further his abilities. However, there are things that he can do passively.
For instance, Dimitri has an incredible bond with animals. Animals of all species seem to calm when near him. Without truly knowing how to control the ability, animals have been known to lead him to water when he is thirsty and direct him to a near city when he becomes lost. Any wild horse will let him ride and any bird will heed his whistle but the ability comes with limitations. Although animals are reluctant to hurt him, Dimitri has no control over the animal's free will. They only seem to WANT to help him. When they are preoccupied, they will chose to follow instincts above their attraction to him. In addition, other humans seem to have the same attraction to him but perhaps in a different way. People often describe him as having a particularly nice smell though they can't compare it to any others which might contribute to the belief that some of his power lies in pheromones. However positive it seems, he is often fallen in love with or hated by people who are weary of their feelings, having been confused.

Aside from his influence, Dimitri's skills render him faster in body and in thought. His balance is extraordinary and his eyesight and hearing are very keen. Though he is skeptical of his divination skills, there are certain fortune telling practices that he trusts more then others. He is a skilled augur and can read the warnings given to him in the flight patterns of birds. Some of these are as vague and simple as crows awaiting a war for the feast that follows it or a pair of chasing swallows to foretell a love affair...
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Dimitri Alvalek
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