Currently a simple Roleplaying forum, after we get some members well see if we can have some events happening.
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The Vampire
The Vampire

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PostSubject: GROUP RP! COME ONE COME ALL!   Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:54 pm

No seriously...eveyone come here! lol (Just kidding)

I have an (admitedly very vague) idea for a group rp. Pretty much there will be a leader (Crimson's character Al) who is rounding up people of all class to join him on a little journy. You will not find out what the mission is until later in the story (it will slowly be revealed by Al) I'm hoping this works and that it is fun for everyone.

Now we will need a:

Leader: Taken (Crim's character Al)
Theif: Taken (My character Mira)
Mage: Available
Swords Man:
Strong Man:

If you can think of another to join the list just let me know. (This was all I was able to think of at the moment.)

This will take place in a different world that will be much like ours just in the past. There will be no or very little technology. But as I said, it's a different world, so things can be bent a bit. Magic will more than likely be a popular use for things.

Romance is allowed in this rp. Feel free to smooch, make lovins (Althoug that admitedly will be hard, so it's suggested you just hint at it) and have fun, be sarcastic and make jokes. Comic releafe is very much appreciated.

If we find there are too many slots for the people participating then I will allow you to use more than one character (I was planning for that anyways).
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